Dosimetry for the Lens of the Eye

The International Commission for Radiological Protection has recently published a recommendation* that the annual dose limit for the lens of the eye should be reduced to 20 millisieverts (mSv). This is likely to figure inthe forthcoming revision of the European basic safety standards directive on radiation safety, and to become UK law in the second half of the decade.

TLD SACHETS LTD have manufactured a Headband/Eye incorporating a white PTFE insert filter(tissue equivalent 3mm) to comply with the basic safety standards. * ICRP Statement on Tissue Reactions Ref 4825-3093, April 2011. Available here.

has a one central forehead pocket position.
in addition has a left and right pocket to each side of the forehead. Each pocket to accommodate the dosemeter and white PTFE filter giving all round safety standard